It's nearly 10pm in Seoul, the hands on labs are up and running, we've met with the translators and run through our sessions and labs - actually, that's not entirely true - that Doug Boling chap hasn't arrived at the hotel yet, so this could mean one of two things, 1) I end up running Doug's application development session and labs - which would be great !! - I really like running the application development session - there are about 6 useful slides and the rest is all coding examples - or 2) Doug is getting in really late, which should make for entertaining sessions tomorrow, watching Doug presenting while jet lagged, perhaps I should run a double act on the application development break out session... perhaps even a code-off, that would be fun... either that or break out my camera :O)

The nearest Starbucks is right under the hotel - looking at the timetable for tomorrow's Windows Embedded Essentials I think there's even time to get to the Starbucks, and get back in between sessions... we should all be flying by the end of the day !!.

A number of people on the team have their PocketPC phone edition devices with them in Seoul, ok so the phones don't work in Korea, but it's useful to know what the time is in Redmond so you know when to call people (don't you just hate being woken in the middle of the night by one of your colleagues not figuring out what the time is back home?) - so I've thrown together a 2nd Today item for the Pocket PC - I call this “TimeAtHome“ - this runs on the today screen and shows the current time in Redmond - extremely useful when the Pocket PC time is showing local Korea time.

It's time to hunt around the hotel and see if Doug has arrived - if so, we can start plotting the application development session for tomorrow...

- Mike