I'm now back in sunny Redmond (actually, it's raining [again] - no surprises there!!) - and am getting content ready for the next round of events - off to Sunny (and yes, I believe it really is sunny) Bangalore, India in a couple of weeks for more of the Windows Embedded Essentials (WEE) events.

Yesterday we hosted an online chat for the teams involved in the IEEE "Windows ChallengE" - one of the questions asked was about a Windows CE driver (DLL) that displays the following warning/error message 'Old fix up style'.

So, what's that all about? - interestingly, a quick search of the Platform Builder documentation didn't turn up any articles that cover this.

This is just saying that the image can not put (fix up) your DLL in the second 32MB area, slot 1.  So the DLL will be loaded in slot 0.  The code still operates the same whether it's loaded in slot 0 or slot 1, you just have less memory in your Process space which is 32MB - the following article from Doug Boling which discusses advanced memory management on Windows CE explains more about how DLL's are loaded on Windows CE 3.0 and 4.x - http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dncenet/html/advmemmgmt.asp - this should be required reading for any Windows CE developers (as should Dougs book on Windows CE application development)...

How do I go about creating a .rel file ? - this depends on whether you are building from the command line or from the IDE.

Command line...
If you have the source code then you can specify this with the linker "-savebaserelocations: $(_RELEASEDIR)\$(TARGETNAME).rel".

the .rel file should be generated automatically

- Mike