First the link to ScriptIt, in case you just want to download and get cracking with scripts -

Tomorrow is the Windows Embedded Essentials event in Bangalore, India - the folks at the local Microsoft Sub have been excellent, helping to configure hardware for the hands on labs - we have 75 PC's to configure for the labs - I was hoping for one “Master” PC to configure, and then to run Ghost to capture and copy the image - unfortunately we have 50 IBM PC's, 15 of another make, and 10 other PC's - so we need to setup three “Master” images - the labs are going to be Windows CE .NET 4.2, Windows XP Embedded and Visual Studio .NET 2003 (Compact Framework) - one of the problems with setting up software for labs is spending the time clicking the right options on the installer, and of course entering the PID.

I spent some time over at the Microsoft TSG (Technical Support Group) on Friday of last week setting up more hardware for the labs we're running at ESC West/Electronica, and the WEE in SanFran - same issues, time spent clicking the options and entering PID's when setting up software - thankfully, one of the TSG guys (Peter Hennes) had a solution - it would appear that Windows NT Server shipped with a scripting utility called “ScriptIT” - you build simple scripts that look for window titles and enter keystrokes... - I didn't have time to play with this last week, but did have some time to work on script files yesterday... I now have working script files to install eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 SP2, and Platform Builder 4.2 - I didn't have time to work on Windows XP Embedded or Visual Studio .NET 2003 - perhaps tonight back at the hotel room... - here's the link to ScriptIt -

Yesterday, tonight, or tomorrow, depending on where you are in the world right now is the final Windows Academic ChallengE online chat - this is the last chance to ask questions about Windows CE O/S or application development before the big competition this coming weekend - I'm really looking forward to the competition - I will take some photos and get these posted to the Blog.

Oh, I nearly forgot, just as a total aside, this is the first city I've presented Windows Embedded Technologies technical sessions that doesn't have a Starbucks - come on chaps, time to open a store over here !

Also, I have this useful utility running on my desktop that shows the current temp in Redmond (it's currently 48F), cool eh ! (in more ways than one), the utility can be downloaded from the Komo4tv web site (under the weather link) - the temp is shown next to the clock in the system tray - like so...

My KOMO 4Cast desktop weather icon

It's not an icon, it's a Window (I've used SPY++ to view the window details) - I've looked on MSDN to see if there's any information about adding your own custom windows to the system tray and didn't find anything, I think there are a ton of useful utilities that could be built into a systray window application - if you have any idea how to create a sys tray window then add a comment to the blog...

- Mike