Star Wars day is coming... more on this next week, also WinHEC is running in Seattle next week - hopefully see you there...

I'm signed up to CodeProject who recently passed the 1 Million signed up users mark (congratulations guys!) - Code Project run a survey, the results are sent out with the CodeProject newsletter, todays newsletter contains a survey about mobile devices... It's interesting to see the percentage of owned devices containing .NET Compact Framework - it would also be interesting to see how many of those owners are writing .NET Compact Framework code...

What types of PDA do you own?

Option Votes %
PocketPC / Handheld PC (No .NET compact Framework) 147 22.4
PocketPC / Handheld PC (.NET compact Framework enabled) 261 39.8
PalmOS based Palm / Visor 191 29.1
RIM Blackberry 11 1.7
SmartPhone 71 10.8
Cellphone with Java 120 18.3
Smartwatch 8 1.2
Psion 22 3.4
Responses 656  

(This was a multiple choice question. Totals may not add up to 100%)