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May, 2004

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    Chris Muench - WinHEC Part II

    Chris Muench is at it again... more feedback from WinHEC 2004... Ok, I promised to do an update on the second day but it turned out that I was so busy networking and learning about new things, that I did not have a chance to write every day (lame...
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    New Blog : Windows XP Embedded and Setup Issues

    One of the Windows XP Embedded team (Aaron Stebner) now has a Blog up and running, this will be covering Windows XP Embedded and Setup issues (not together you understand), Aaron used to work in the Visual Studio team and has a ton of experience around...
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    MVP Chris Muench, day one at WinHEC.

    Microsoft Embedded MVP Chris Muench has some thoughts about day one of WinHEC... Winhec 2004 - First day Well, not exactly the first day if you include the welcome reception on monday the 3rd but I would say...close enough:-). Wow(64 :-))...
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    Happy Star Wars Day !!!

    Happy Star Wars Day - ”May the 4th be with you” <groan> Today was the first day of WinHEC - we have some VoIP (Voice over IP) demos running in the innovations room, this includes a Broadcom phone running a pre-release version of Windows...
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