While working on a demo for a conference I wanted to show Device Update Agent running, configuring the Windows XP Embedded operating system image seemed easy enough, getting the list of files and registry entries I needed was also very easy - then came the task of building the DUA Script file - the documentation for DUA Script is excellent, and is somewhat close to 140 pages in length... I really wanted to build the script on stage to show people how the whole process hooked together, but didn't want to write the script by hand, so I started working on a C# application that would automatically generate the script, drop some files onto the app, import a .REG file, click and “Shazzam!!”, one DUA Script file created and ready for distribution... I had enough of the application to demo up and running in a couple of days, to get the application completed I worked with Aaron Stebner http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner

<drumroll> It's now time to introduce DUAScriptGen </drumroll>

Note that this utility is being released as a PowerToy, this means you don't get any support for the application (beyond Aaron and I on the eBlogs)...

This release of the tool has the following features

  1. Import QFE .RTF files to auto-generate script file
  2. Drag/Drop files onto the application (or use the import button) to add files to the script
  3. Location setting for files - set individual files to specific folders on the target device (folders will be created if they don't exist)
  4. Optional Reboot on update
  5. Import .REG files
  6. Add specific .REG key through DUAScriptGen UI

And I'm sure there's something else, perhaps Aaron will add the list to his blog...

Click the link below to download and start playing... any/all feedback is welcome - note that this is a .NET Framework 1.1 application, so if you don't have the framework installed (shame on you) now's the time to go get it...

it's here