I've been roaming around the embedded groups at Microsoft with my handy mini-DV camcorder, look out for the following videos coming to MSDN Channel 9 over the next week...

  • Windows Automotive (2 videos) - Peter Wengert
  • SPOT (2 videos) Rich Davies
  • Windows Embedded Devcon - Sumobot competition (me)
  • Windows CE - building a NAS box in 20 minutes - Chris Gray
  • Microsoft Robotics Enthusiasts Meeting - Stewart Tansley & others

I'm planning a visit to the Portable Media Center team on Friday (whoa! - that's tomorrow, where has this week gone?) - that could prove to be an interesting video - I got to play with one of the PMC's a couple of days ago, battery life seems to be about 4 hours for video/movies, and about 24 hours for music - doesn't seem too bad...

Do let me know if you have any of the embedded teams/technologies you want me to go interview - even better if you have some burning questions you want me to ask

- Mike