Today I needed to visit my Dentist - I worked a crown loose down in San Joe while fighting with a particularly tough cheese and mushroom omlette (I was presenting at the Embedded Software Developers Conference) - so I made an appointment to have the crown checked out - today was the day, the procedure was totally painless and pretty high tech - the original crown was fitted a few years back, when the original crown was created I needed to be fitted with a temporary crown and then come back for a "fitting" a couple of weeks later - but not this time around.

The dentist had an array of high tech kit, including lasers, and a 3D imaging device which creates a CAD/CAM file which is dropped to a 3D milling machine (costing around $110,000 - see the image of the milling here) - in less than 20 minutes the new crown is created and ready to be fitted - pretty darn cool... - plus, you get to watch TV while the whole thing is going on :)

It's amazing to see where "embedded" technology is turning up...

- Mike