I've been thinking...

I've created a number of custom platforms using Windows CE 5.0, how useful would it be to take one of those platforms and generate a "new platform wizard" based on the components of an existing platform, this would make it easy to share platforms and to always have a base platform to work from - does this sound useful, or not ?

[edit/update] The output from the process would be a .xml file that would live in C:\WINCE500\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\CATALOG\NEWPLATFORMWIZARDS - the next time you ran Platform Builder a "new Platform" wizard would be available that contained the exact same features as your hand-created platform. Sharing the platform would also be easy, simply give the .xml file to someone else, they copy to the C:\WINCE500\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\CATALOG\NEWPLATFORMWIZARDS folder, run platform builder, and you're done... Sound like a cool utility ?

- Mike