This morning started fairly early, after running through POST (Power On Self Test) I reviewed my schedule for the day, the first hour or so was a meeting over at the Microsoft Conference Center, I've seen the content before, so decided to "take notes"

I received a feature request for CEFileWiz to allow all added files to live in their own folders rather than all living in the same place, the result of my "note taking" is the updated version of CEFileWiz - see the image below...


This generates all the required output files to include the file(s) into the operating system, and correctly identifies managed applications and DLL's and drops these into the "FILES" section of the BIB files.

Folders and files are created as needed - the example above has an application in \Program Files\My App, and a text file in \Foo\FooEx\FooEx2 - Here's the sample .DAT file created for these files.


root:-Directory("\"):-Directory("Program Files")
Directory("\Program Files"):-Directory("My App")
Directory("\Program Files\My App"):-File("csApp.exe","\windows\csApp.exe")

It would be very easy to create a shortcut file for the application and drop this into the startup folder - in this case the application and shortcut would live in different folders.

- Mike