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October, 2004

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    Halo2 - Release Date Nov 9th - How close is the game ?

    Halo 2 is perhaps one of the most anticipated game releases this century (ok, so we're only 4 years into the century, but you know what I mean!) - November 9th is the scheduled release date, but how ready is the game ? - take a look at this interview...
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    Giant Bugs Spotted at Mt St Helens...

    Where's it going to end? - not only is Mt St Helens getting ready to erupt, but Giant Bugs are now swarming the area - see the image below from the Mt St Helens Volcano Cam... - Mike
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    Windows XP Embedded SP2 Tech Preview - Go get it!

    Windows XP Embedded SP2 Tech Preview Windows XP Embedded SP2 Tech Preview is available for you to download and start playing... There are several enhancements to Windows XP Embedded SP2, including... .NET Framework 1.1 Bluetooth Support Hibernate once...
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    Volcano Research goes High-Tech

    With Mt St Helens getting ready to blow it's top it's interesting to see the progression in Volcano and Quake (no, not the game!) technology - this article compares the technologies being used to monitor earthquakes and volcanos - it's interesting...
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    Home Servers & Storage...

    Charlie Kindel's Blog is running a series of articles on home servers and storage - Charlie is an interesting guy, I first met Charlie at the 1994 OLE Developers Conference in London, Charlie had a pretty interesting description of exactly how random...
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