This from EngadgetTeddy the Bear has MAC OS-X running on his Pocket PC

I’ve seen two versions of this article, the one from Engadget, and one from Wired – To access the Mac, Teddy installed a Virtual Network Computing, or VNC, client on the handheld and a VNC server on his PowerBook at home in Vienna.

Of course VNC is available for Pocket PC and for Windows desktop (and for other operating systems).

What gets me about the articles are the following statements…

Pockert PC Thoughts: "Of course, I can do e-mail and web browsing using the Pocket PC software, but because it's Microsoft, it's bad."

Which is closely followed by…

Wired: If the PowerBook crashes when he's out and about, he calls his "server admin" girlfriend to reboot the machine.

Hmm…. The PowerBook crashes…

So, this makes me wonder whether it’s just VNC running on the Pocket PC or whether this is MAC OS-X running locally on the Pocket PC – Somehow I think it’s the former – in which case the article is not as interesting.

– Mike