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February, 2005

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    Upcoming Embedded Chats...

    If you have questions around Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded or Application Development for Embedded Systems then you should check out the MSDN Chat Schedule (there’s a ton of other interesting chats also listed) Here’s some of the Embedded...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Point of Service (POS) - Linux or Windows Embedded ?

    I’ve just found the following case study on the Microsoft web site – the video is pretty interesting, go take a look. Regal Entertainment Group Switches from Linux to Windows, Significantly Reduces TCO (1.5 MB video) ...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Operating System Fragmentation ?

    There’s an interesting article on O/S News which talks about the potential fragmentation of Linux – Having a standard operating system platform is a good thing for users and developers – why would Dell and other PC manufacturers continue...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CE/XPE - how to choose ?

    A question that comes up at every customer meeting is how to choose between Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded – The answer can be pretty simple… Windows XP Embedded is a componentized version of Windows XP Pro, broken down to approximately...
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