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The next generation of Windows (codename Longhorn) will feature auxiliary display support. This display will be based on the same run time operating system that is used to power SPOT devices.

An article from PCWorld covers some of the details. It remains to be seen if any MSN Direct content would be leveraged as part of this secondary display. Offline notebooks would certianly be an interesting place to add it though.

In a presentation at the VSLive and Windows Anywhere developer event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Viji showed a picture of an auxiliary display showing a menu of options that included calendar, contacts, tasks, inbox, and media player. The picture also showed a set of buttons to allow users to navigate the menu.

In addition to displaying cached data, applications for the auxiliary display could be programmed to periodically wake up the PC, connect to the Internet, synchronize data, and update that on the display, Viji says.

Besides the actual display, RAM, and flash memory, the needed hardware for the auxiliary display would include a lightweight ARM processor and USB and system bus connections, Viji says. The display will run on the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) software, which is also used Microsoft's smart watches, he says.

– Mike