Voice Command 1.5 is now available (duh, I've already said that in the title of the post!!!)

New! Additional features to assist people with impaired vision.   For consumers who have difficulty reading a small screen or using a key pad, Voice Command v1.5 now includes features that provide people who are blind and visually impaired with complete voice-controlled access to phone functions on Pocket PC Phone Editions.  Voice Command v1.5 features include:

  • New! Incoming and missed call announce.  Pocket PC Phone Edition users can take full advantage of incoming caller ID without ever looking down at the screen.  Incoming call information is announced as calls are received.  If you think you may have missed a call you can simply ask “What calls did I miss?” and Voice Command will recite the time and phone number of missed calls.  
  • New!  Voice-controlled utilities. Users can check the signal strength and battery life to assure optimal functionality of their Pocket PCs.  Voice commands also access the time and date with the touch of a button.   
  • Best-selling Pocket PC software.   Core features, including hands-free, voice-controlled interaction with the phone, contacts, calendar, media player and other popular applications continue to help consumers stay connected to digital information while on the go.  Pocket PC owners currently using Voice Command v1.0 can upgrade to the new version for free at Handango.com.

Here's where you can get the product -

US Product      

UK product                

French product

German product            

Sounds pretty cool, go check it out...

- Mike