I’m really getting the hang of this Podcasting thing, not only recording Podcasts but also listening to a bunch of Podcasts, DotNetRocks, G’Day World, Daily Source, and a number of others – Syncing the content to a Windows Mobile device is pretty easy (see my earlier post) – but what about listening to Podcasts in the car ? – you could of course put headphones on (probably not ideal from a safety point of view), or use something like the Belkin FM transmitter plugged into your Windows Mobile device (or in my case a Creative Zen 5GB media player) – you simply sync all your favorite music and audio Podcasts to the device, tune your car radio to the same frequency as the Belkin TuneCast and you’re all set…


The really neat thing about this setup is the ability to have around 2,000 songs sync’d to your media device and play the content in random play – there’s certainly more content than you could fit into a six CD stack.

The Zen Micro not only stores upto 5GB of content, but can also be used as a file store from your desktop PC (store your favorite word documents or source code on the Zen) – and also has a built in FM radio. So… you could use the Zen to transmit radio over radio to your radio.

– Mike