I took some photo’s (below) to compare the size of the PSP with an HP iPaq Pocket PC – the PSP feels good in the hand, has a fantastic display, and the controls ‘feel right’ – I can certainly see why someone would want to play games on here, I’m not sold on the music/movies side of the device – music can’t be sync’d from your Desktop PC (there’s no usb cable in the box anyway), the (limited number of) movies are only available from Sony on UMD format discs, it will be interesting to see how many other movies are moved over to this format.

Generally, this looks like a really nice mobile gaming device – the screen is outstandingly good but also will attract fingerprints and smudges.

Here’s the iPaq and PSP side by side.


A comparison of the depth of the devices – there’s really not much in it.


And the screen (sorry, the shot isn’t the best) – the screen is really awesome.


– Mike