Yesterday we recorded an episode of the MSDN Code Room covering Embedded and Mobile technologies – four well known MVP’s (Sean Liming, Jim Wilson, Doug Boling, and Paul Yao) took the role of developers in the code room – they were given 5 hours to complete a number of development tasks (I won’t give the game away here) – The day started with the Fantastic Four (Mr Fantastic, The Thing, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch – I will leave it up to you to comment on which MVP is mapped to which of the Fantastic Four!) being ferried around Seattle getting training from Jon Fincher, Neil Enns, and myself on the technologies they would need to complete their mission.

it was fascinating watching the project come together, even more interesting to see the design decisions being made by the team and how the projects were being divided between the developers – Neil and I would have loved to jump out from behind the curtain at various times and code certain parts of the project, I think it was good to leave the Fantastic Four to discover and solve their own problems – overall it was a great day, and I would really like to do this again.

Look out for the MSDN Code Room video on MSDN sometime soon…

BTW – which of the Fantastic Four would you map to each of the MVP’s taking part in the Code Room ?

– Mike