It looks like the Mike Hall/Pete Grondal (who is Pete Grondal? - is he real, has anyone actually seen him?) Podcast crew is back on the road, this time we're off to cover TechEd 2005 - The first day of TechEd is going to be stupid crazy for me, I will be presenting more times than someone that presents a lot, so won't be doing much Podcasting on the first day, I expect Pete and his motley crew of audio and video engineers will be doing the rounds, so look out for us... and don't forget to wave at the cameras!

If you have a demo to give, some cool code to walk through, or want to tell us about your product, then come and find us (look out for the Podcast shirts!).

Once I figure out where we're going to be at TechEd I will let you know so you can drop in and say "Hi!"

All the favorites from MEDC 2005 will be there - Pod Attacks (let me know if there are any speakers we should be attacking), walkthrough of the Expo hall (there's bound to be some cool stuff there to see, right?), we will be hitting the Cabana's, Hands on Labs and Starbucks (there's a Starbucks at the Convention Center, right?).

What do you want to see? - behind the keynote, setup of the hands on labs, code demos ? - anything else ?

More to follow once I figure out where we're going to be...

- Mike