What a long day, Iit’s now 8:40pm in Seattle, 11:40pm in Orlando/Florida, I’ve been travelling since 6:30am this morning… Florida is just like Seattle, wet, thunderstorms (but somewhat warmer, it’s about 80F outside right now). Keynote setup and rehersals start at 8am tomorrow morning (5am Seattle time!!!).

The TechEd 2005 Podcast feed is live, and we already have three videos queued up (or lined up) for you to take a look at.

Hopefully tomorrow we can capture some views from around setup of TechEd 2005, this includes the MONSTER hands on lab room that looks like it has around 1,000 PC’s in it – a look behind the keynote rehersals, and a tour of the event.

TechEd kicks of on Monday (with the Steve Ballmer keynote) – there are a TON of interesting people here to interview, including Don Box, Anders Hejlsberg, a number of Vice Presidents from Microsoft, and more interesting sessions than you can shake a stick at… Look out for demo’s, interviews, tours, behind the scenes, pod-attacks, and tons of other interesting videos.

– Mike