Is Windows CE a real-time operating system? - There are many definitions of real time. In the context of the Windows Embedded family of operating systems, we use the definition that was adopted by the Open, Modular, Architecture Control (OMAC) user group: A hard real-time system is a system that would fail if its timing requirements were not met; a soft real-time system can tolerate significant variations in the delivery of operating system services like interrupts, timers, and scheduling.

The above is an extract from the following MSDN/Embedded web page - Further proof of Windows CE real-time support can be found in the following Windows CE 5.0 operating system evaluations from Dedicated Systems, Windows CE 5.0 x86, Windows CE 5.0 ARM

So, the question... Is Windows CE 5.0 a Hard Real Time operating system, and how does your definition of real-time differ from the one given above ?

- Mike