Hey, check it out, we survived a trip to Linux World ! - L4D suggested that Linux developers come and give Microsoft an earful, we certainly got that, and in return we gave Linux developers a mouthful (of pizza and soda) - the menu contained pizza's called "C", "C++", Penguin Special (double Anchovy!), and the Kernel! - Lunch started around 1pm with approximately 60 people dropping by while we were open to get a slice of Pizza (or several slices in some cases) and to talk technology - the lunch session was designed as an open discussion around technologies ranging from hardware, operating systems, and application development, I must admit that I really enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again.

What was interesting was the complete mix of knowledge around Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded, most have heard about Windows CE (linking it to Windows Mobile), but many hadn't heard of Windows XP Embedded - even more interesting were the horror stories around building and maintaining Linux/Embedded operating system images - based purely on these horror stories I would strongly suggest that you take a look at Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded - perhaps even more interesting was the lack of Embedded technologies being shown/discussed at Linux World, perhaps we need a booth next year !

So, what's next ? - anyone interested in having a LiveMeeting to discuss Windows CE/XP Embedded further ?

- Mike