Today I recorded a video that shows how to build, boot, and test a Windows CE 5.0 "headless" O/S image using the Windows CE Emulator - Yes, you can boot a "headless" image using the emulator, you simply don't get any UI in the emulator image.

I used the Virtual Switch to allow inbound connections to the emulator - since I'm booting the image on the corporate network I also needed some way to determine the device IP address, so I added the IPConfig utility - so how do I get the IP address (since there's no UI)? - ipconfig has a really neat command line option "ipconfig /d" which sends the IP address information to the debug port.

The video needs a couple of minor edits (remove the transition from the intro slide to the Platform Builder tool for example) - I'm hoping to get this done tonight and post a link to the video either this evening or tomorrow morning.

- Mike