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January, 2006

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    What's on your Windows Mobile device ?

    Here's a question for all of the Windows Mobile users out there... Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC and Smartphone) ship with a number of built in applications (Internet Explorer, Media Player, Office applications etc...), what (if anything) have you...
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    Visual Studio CoreCon API's?

    Anyone that's worked with Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices has probably at some time or another come across the "Platform Manager", also known as PlatMan, also see my MSDN article on writing Remote Tools for Windows CE - with Visual Studio 2005 there...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Off to CES for the week.

    I'm going to be at CES for the week, sharing time between customer meetings and booth duty - I'm hoping to get some time to look around the (absolutely massive) event [you don't get a feel for how big CES is until you've been to one]. Let me know if...
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