Geekzone have a blog article that shows a DualCor cPC device that runs two Micrososft operating systems (each running on their own processor), Windows XP and Windows Mobile (which is of course Windows CE 5.0) - the operating systems share the single display (800x480), the user can switch between the operating systems.

Here's the Geekzone article and here's an image of the device.

I'm wondering whether Windows XP at this resolution and processor speed is usable, particularly as a portable device, I can't imagine the batteries lasting too long - in Windows XP mode it's similar to the OQO device in many respects [I have one of the model 1 OQO devices] which gets very hot when charging and the battery life isn't spectacular.

Windows Mobile devices support instant on, have mobile versions of the office applications, have all the connectivity you would want (voice, data, 3G, bluetooth, IR etc...), is this "good enough" for the road warrior that can make do with non-pc functionality while on the road, and then switch back to full desktop experience when in the office/hotel/home?

I was working at CES all of last week and had very limited access to a real network connection (yes, there was a TON [or probably closer to two tons] of wireless networking at CES, many of it "open", but no internet connectivity, most networks were being used for closed demo connectivity) - so I relied heavily on my HTC Universal (aka iMate JasJar), this was my primary voice/data device for the week - yes, the device is as big as a small house, but the screen is great, the keyboard usable, and works really well with a Bluetooth headset (I would strongly recommend getting a BT headset with the Universal - holding a small house to the side of your head doesn't look great!). My only gripe with the Universal is that it's too big to fit into a pocket, and I didn't have a belt holster for the device - I also have a Typhoon (smartphone) and Wizard (Pocket PC Phone Edition) but left both of these back in the office.

I really like the candy bar Smartphone for "read only" content and the Pocket PC Phone Edition for the R/W aspect of e-mail, text messages, hotmail, and phone usage (with a BT headset) - at this point I'm not sure that I've locked on one form factor or another to be my primary and fixed device.

Maybe the Palm Treo 700W might be a good mix - although, I do need something that works in the US and in Europe.

What do you use, and why ?

- Mike