I'm working on a demo to show at Embedded World in Germany next month - My plan is to show how Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) can streamline your embedded operating system development experience in much the same way that developers have gradually moved from assembler to C/C++ to C/C++ with class libraries (OWL, MFC, STL, WTL etc...) and managed code - at each evolutionary step developers have been given a set of tools and technologies that accelerate their development experience - the same should also be true for embedded operating system development.

So, I want to write an application that runs on an embedded device that reads barcodes from a connected Symbol barcode scanner and display the barcode 'text' on a form/dialog/application.

How many lines of code do you think this will take ? - and how long should I spend writing the code to implement this application ?

- Mike