Since moving to Redmond there are some simple things that I miss (and I believe this to be true of most people moving from their home country), one of the things I miss is a decent curry, sure there are curry places around the Redmond area but somehow the curry is not quite the same as the UK (btw, I had some fantastic curries in Bangalore/India a couple of years ago, one of my colleagues ate curry for breakfast, lunch and evening meal!) - one of the highlights from my recent trip was getting a take away in Portsmouth (my brother recommended the Cosham Balti House - interestingly, my uncle and father also recommended the same Cosham Balti House) - I decided to have the Chicken Rogan, not very spicy (although I do like a spicy curry once in a while), good sized portions and extremely tasty... I wonder if they deliver to Redmond?

Apart from meeting with friends and family I think the Curry was definately one of the highlights of the stay in the UK - We also visited the recently opened Spinnaker Tower which has Europe's largest glass floor - the views were spectacular.

- Mike