Details of Project Origami are starting to unfold... Want to know more about Project Origami ? - MSDN Channel 9 have an interview with the architect of the project - more information here

The units shown in the video are larger than a Pocket PC, and don't have phone capability (so not Pocket sized, unless you have some very special trousers!) - I'm also curious about the battery life on these devices - I had an OQO for a while, even though this was a fun gadget the unit would get very hot on mains power and would last about 90 minutes or so on batteries.

Do you think this is an interesting form factor? - the fact that you have full Windows XP running on the device does mean that most desktop applications should run (I say most, because some applications *assume* a minimum of 800x600 screen resolution and therefore would have portions of the application off the screen).

Would you buy one, if so, what would you do with it ?

- Mike