The increase in coffee (burnt bean brew) intake seems to somehow be directly related to the amount of work I have to do on MEDC - this week we have the kickoff of the content reviews (speakers running their content and demos), we also have the first of the keynote demo reviews/rehersals. We're also kicking off the MEDC 2006 Video Podcast RSS feed this week, I'm hoping to get some behind the scenes event planning/rehersal shots and also some interviews with some of the speakers going to the event.

Last year the Podcast feed was mostly small segment shots from around the event with a number of longer interviews, having also run the TechEd 2005 Podcast we learned that viewers/subscribers to the feed were more interested in longer interviews, so that's what we're planning for this years MEDC event, plus it would be rude not to have a few Pod Attacks at the event!

- Mike