The first MEDC 2006 Podcast video was recorded today - this should be edited over the weekend and posted live early next week, so I will be able to give you the URL for the RSS feed, I will of course also expose the content through a FeedBurner page.

Some of the MEDC content owners were in the room, so we captured their thoughts on why you should come along to this years MEDC events (don't forget we're going international with the content!), this included Loke Uei the overall event owner for MEDC and my travel companion for most of May and June! - also Mel Sampat (Program Manager, Windows Mobile), Dan Javnoson (Windows CE Product Manager), John Doyle (Windows XP Embedded Product Manager), Steve Hegenderfer (Windows Mobile technical something or other), and Linda Gould (IT Pro).

After sitting through the first week of session reviews I can tell you that the Embedded content is awesome - more on this next week.

- Mike