The Windows CE 5.0 Networked Media Device Feature Pack gives you the ability to create a device that can stream content from PC's around your home network and 'play' that content on your TV set (photos, music, video) - the Network Media Device Feature Pack ships with a Sample User Interface which can easily be updated.

Here's how the standard user interface looks (pretty cool, eh!)

And here's how the user interface looks after dropping some new images into the Networked Media Device UI folder (even cooler, right?).

The Networked Media Device user interface can be updated in a number of ways, the simplest is to replace the existing bitmaps (after backing them up!) with new bitmaps -  simply replace the bitaps in this folder C:\WINCE500\PUBLIC\FP_NMD\OAK\NMD_UI with new bitmaps, rebuild and you're done - the alternative is to modify and rebuild some of the source code that ships with the Networked Media Device Feature Pack.

Here's a link to sample bitmaps displayed above.

- Mike