May 21st 2006, Sunday, 4pm, SeaTac Airport - This is how the MEDC 2006 International tour gets started, Loke and I sat in Starbucks at the Seattle airport asking the baristas to give us the longest coffee order they can think of – here’s the result…

We now have two coffee’s, I will call them #1 and #2 (for obvious reasons).

So, what exactly are these drinks ?

#1 (on the right, obviously!).

·         Decaf

·         Triple shot

·         Grande

·         Sugar free vanilla

·         2% milk

·         Extra white mocha

·         Extra hot

·         No whip

·         No foam

·         Extra drizzle (chocolate)

·         Marble mocha macchiato

And #2 (on the left [you can clearly see the #2 in pencil on the cup])

·         1/3rd decaf

·         Triple shot

·         Grande

·         Sugar free vanilla

·         Sugar free hazelnut

·         Soy

·         Light whip cream

·         Extra hot

·         175 degrees

·         White chocolate mocha

·         “With a smiley face on the bottom” (very important!).

You would assume that this isn’t your typical Starbucks order (and makes my regular Grande Vanilla Latte sound positively wimpy!) - well, it would appear that we would both be wrong - these are drinks that are ordered on a regular basis!

So, here’s the plan – Melbourne, Australia is the coffee center of the country, yes they do have Starbucks there (so we need to go and find one and get a photo), but the *best* coffee is served at the local Italian coffee stores – I’m wondering what the local Melbourne Starbucks and the local Italian Coffee store would make of the coffee orders above? – so, we’ve decided to go and find out J

We have about 20 hours of flights before we arrive in Melbourne, should be more than enough time for us to memorize the coffee order and then go and try ordering said coffee from the local Italian coffee shops, and even try ordering at the Starbucks in Melbourne, would be interesting to see what reaction we get.

- Mike