If you've attended any of the MEDC 2006 world-wide events you will have received a copy of the Windows CE 6 Beta and of course have seen the product "in action" during the event keynote, in breakout sessions, and also perhaps in hands on labs.

We recorded a video for the Windows CE 6 Beta that gives you a run through of the process of configuring and building a Windows CE 6 operating system image using the Beta release of the product. The video is now available online on the Windows CE MSDN/Tutorials page.

Introdution to Platform Builder with CE6 Beta (Level 200)  NEW!
This eHow-to provides a look at the Beta release of Windows CE 6 and demonstrates how to configure a new operating system image, add and remove operating system features, add a Win32 "Hello World" application, edit application specific registry information and a look at the new documentation for Windows CE. (20:57 minutes)
300K Version | 110K Version 

- Mike