Today, June 27th is MEDC Malaysia - the keynote speaker is Tony Mestres, Senior Director in the Mobile and Embedded Devices Group in Redmond (see below).

As we've been traveling around the world we've been purchasing various local items for the WEPOS demo - for China we got some Kung Fu shoes ! - for Malaysia we have what appears to be Yodas' walking stick

This is of course Tongkat Ali, a local herb (of sorts).

We arrived at the conference center at 7am local time, the traffic can be so bad around here that leaving the hotel later than 6:30am would have meant being stuck in traffic for 90 minutes!

We had an awesome breakfast waiting for us in the speaker lounge, Red Bull, coffee, eggs, bacon (turkey bacon), donuts etc...

And some excellent snack layout skillz...

Here's Andreas, Mel and I relaxing in the speaker lounge just before rehearsals yesterday.

And the view from the conference center, a theme park with wave pool, roller coasters, and of course mosquito bombs.

So, it's time to go and get ready for the MEDC Malaysia keynote... back online later.

- Mike