I'm working on a number of Windows CE 6 Virtual Labs - if you want to see what the experience is like you might want to check out some Windows Mobile 5.0 Virtual Labs

I know that Loke Uei is working on some more Windows Mobile labs as we speak (well actually he's taking a very well deserved vacation this week - but I'm sure he's thinking about the labs!).

The Windows CE 6 labs will be based around the new ARM Device Emulator, which interestingly can run in a Virtual PC environment (and runs 40% faster than the DeviceEmulator 1.0! -  you can thank Barry Bond here) - for Windows CE 5.0 the x86 emulator was a modified version of Virtual PC, and you probably know that Virtual PC doesn't like running inside Virtual PC.

You may have some suggestions for Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile 5.0 Virtual Labs - if so, leave a comment and I will pass any Windows Mobile suggestions over to Loke.

- Mike