Somasegar's MSDN Blog has details for the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta download (available from the Microsoft Connect site). SP1 contains fixes that are needed for application developers to write/deploy native and managed applications to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 based devices - If you are building a CE 6.0 device I would recommend that you download/install VS 2005 SP1.

Two of the Virtual Labs we're working on for launch walk through the steps needed to develop/deploy/debug managed and native applications from VS 2005 to a running CE 6.0 based ARM Emulator image - while building the labs I've been testing out various builds of VS 2005 SP1 - the bits seem to be very stable, I'm able to create applications (Win32, MFC, and Managed), build, deploy, and debug to the CE 6.0 emulator and to "real hardware".

- Mike