I'm setting up a CE 6.0 operating system image that boots with the standard explorer shell (desktop icons, start button etc.) when the image boots I want the task bar to auto-hide and also not be 'on top' in the Z order.

To figure out which key this uses I booted an explorer shell, changed the shell settings and then used the remote registry editor (now Target | Remote Tools | Registry Editor) to exmaine the key changes - I also uploaded the changed keys to my desktop.

Here's how the registy key looks when extracted from the device registry to the desktop.



If I were to copy this registy information to a project registry file within Platform Builder (without the REGEDIT4 header) I would get build errors - the extracted registry format using '@' to denote a default key is not the format that the registry needs for the build system.

Here's how the registry key needs to look for this to work in the build system.


Note the use of the "Default" keyword.

- Mike