Jim Wilson, embedded MVP (Jim, where's your blog site URL?) - has posted an excellent tutorial on how to get Phidgets working with the ICOP eBox 2300, here's a link to the tutorial

Here's what the tutorial (including images) covers:

  • How to create a CE 6.0 OS Design
  • How to include external drivers in your OS Design, not originally included with the BSP.
  • How to include and configure the CE software components (CoreCon) needed to make a connection for application debugging.
  • How to make an application automatically load when CE starts up.
  • How to use the Phidgets API to write a simple application to control a servo while obtaining readings from an A/D interface connected to an IR ranging sensor.  
  • How to install your final OS Design on the eBox 2300 for automatic booting.
  • Obviously the tutorial can easily be modified to also work with other devices.

    - Mike