The Moth has "Tagged me" and has posted 5 things you probably didn't know about him, so I guess I need to post my five things and then tag some other folks...

  1. I was initially turned down for a job at Microsoft and one year later was pinged by the same team to apply for the same job - I got the job second time round (this was working for Microsoft UK Developer Support, supporting C/C++, MFC, masm, Device Driver development, SDK/API development)
  2. For ten years I was a Special Constable in the Hampshire/UK Police Force 
  3. For seven years I was a Motorcycle Instructor and Examiner for the UK "Star Rider" motorcycle training group (last bike was a Honda ST1100 ABSII), I'm thinking about getting a BMW R1150RT.
  4. My favorite sport is Squash, I typically play 5-10 times a week
  5. I have fun hunting for Starbucks when presenting at conferences across the world.

So, who should I tag... I could tag a team like the Windows Mobile team Blog (that might be interesting!), definately need to tag Loke, Marcus, Sue Loh (although Sue now posts for the CE_Base blog), and Rory

- Mike