If you have Visual Studio 2005 and the CE 6.0 development tools installed you may have noticed that you have two versions of CoreCon installed - v1.0 and v5.01 folders are here C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\CoreCon - Visual Studio "application development" uses the v1.0 corecon bits (if you only have a VS 2005 install then you will only see the v1.0 folder) - CE 6.0 (which is hosted by Visual Studio 2005) uses a mixture of Platform Manager (remote tools) and CoreCon (debugger) so has its own build of the CoreCon bits.

Interestingly, if you use the Remote Tools from a Visual Studio 2005 application development project (Target | Remote Tools menu) these are not Platform Manager based but only use CoreCon, this means that you need to have a valid connection from VS 2005 to your underlying embedded target using ConmanClient2 and CmAccept before you can run the remote tools from an application development session.

- Mike