Late November 2006 we had a snow storm that pretty much brought the Bellevue/Redmond area to a stand-still.

It's now January 2007 and we've had another snow storm - here's the view from the reception of building 117 (the building without any floppy disks!).

i320 Photos 012

I had to drive from the Microsoft Campus to Bellevue after work (and then on to home), the trip from Redmond to Bellevue only took two and a half hours! - here's a view from the car of the central reservation and a massively long queue of cars stuck on 148th.

i320 Photos 013

And a snow laden tree - after the recent wind storm I expect there will be some more branches down overnight with the weight of the snow...

i320 Photos 014

Today started with an interesting morning (the floppy disk exercise) and finished with a short, but long drive home.

Seattle weather, just got to love it, at least we've not had an earthquake for a while...

- Mike