I managed to get some time with Olivier Bloch, Embedded DPE for Microsoft France - we've been presenting embedded sessions at Microsoft Tech Days covering .NET Micro Framework, CE 6.0, XP Embedded, WEPOS and Robotics Studio.

Take a look at the following video where we show how easy it is to write .NET Micro Framework applications for a Freescale Reference Board - we start with "Hello World" being deployed to the NETMF emulator, and then move onto a version of Space Invaders :O) 

Oliver then takes over as we look at how the Freescale board can be used as a remote controller for a Parallax Beo-Bot robot. The Freescale board is connected to Olivier's laptop over a serial connection, the PC is running Microsoft Robotics Studio (with a customized service to capture the serial data and convert into movement commands), Robotics Studio is then connected to the Parallax robot over a Bluetooth connection (you will see how this works when you watch the video).

The video has a lot of background noise - the conference center was tearing down one event and building another. 

- Mike