I'm presenting at Arizona State University at 8:30am on Thursday morning, or at least that was the plan - I missed my Wednesday evening Alaska Airlines 7:50pm flight due to a shooting in Bellevue (Motorcycle cops open fire at charging car thief), the trip from Redmond to SeaTac took over two hours! - that made me five minutes late for checking in for the flight. The next available flight was 6:15am which was full - after that I would need to wait until 5pm on Thursday afternoon - perhaps a little late to start presenting.

So, how to get to Phoenix in time for an 8:30am presentation ? - how about flying on American Airlines at Midnight, which gets me into Dallas/Texas (not even close to Phoenix) at 5:00am, and then a connecting flight to Phoenix which lands at 8:25am - I only have hand luggage, so should be through the airport in about 20 minutes or so - and the university is relatively close to the airport - so I should be there probably about 45-60 minutes late for the start of my presentation.

From there it's a full day of presentations on CE 6.0 operating system internals, real-time support, operating system build process, application development and hands on labs.

At least there's a Borders book store right next to the university building - and we all know what that means!

- Mike