Robots are cool and interesting, whether it's the cute Sony Aibo, educational robots based on Lego NXT or industrial robots like the Kuka Robocoaster - with the introduction of Microsoft Robotics Studio you now have the ability to quickly and easily develop code that can control robots either in a simulation environment (with a full physics engine!) or real robots (such as the Lego NXT).

But how to get started ? - Easy, there are a number of video tutorials now posted to the Microsoft Robotics site - here's a list of the tutorials (there are also a series of tutorials that ship with Robotics Studio).

  • Architecture Overview
  • Visual Programming Language (VPL) 1
  • Visual Programming Language (VPL) 2
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio- Simulation
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio- Robotics Tutorials
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio- Services Tutorials
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio- Controlling Simulated Robots Using VB.NET
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio- Controlling Simulated Robots Using Iron Python

If you have any questions about developing using Microsoft Robotics Studio there are some MSDN Robotics newsgroups setup for you to ask questions.

- Mike