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April, 2007

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    MEDC 2007 Las Vegas: Blogger Discount.

    Hey, if you are interested in attending MEDC 2007 in Las Vegas and want to get a super secret "Blogger Discount" then you are in luck - head over to the registration site and enter this RSVP code: MEDCABM The cost of the event will be $800, a sizeable...
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    ESC West: The OCC/Intel Chopper.

    So, here it is, the Intel/OCC Chopper - looks great from the side, looks really ugly from the front! More images available on the MEDC 2006 Team Flickr Site . - Mike
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    Crackdown - Build a Tank...

    ok, this is completely off topic, if you've been playing Crackdown on the XBOX 360 then you might find this amusing... You've probably seen all of the "Skips" laying around the place and have wondered how these might be useful... how about building a...
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    Embedded Systems West - Global Warming and Motorcycles.

    This week I'm at ESC West in Sunny San Jose, California, manning the Microsoft booth, talking to press and developers - if you are at ESC West drop by the Microsoft booth and say "Hi!" - also bring any questions you have about the .NET Micro Framework...
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    Supported BSPs for CE 6.0.

    Are you looking for a reference design for a project that uses CE 6.0 ? - You may be interested in the new/updated Windows CE BSP site - this gives you the ability to search/filter your BSP requirements If you are working on a BSP that works with CE 6...
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