The "Live" CE 6.0 R2 launch event is happening later today at Embedded Technology, Japan - since most of the CE 6.0 development team aren't going to Japan we setup some space in the Cafe to watch the (almost live) webcast - The webcast is happening "Super Early" (9am, which is of course super early for most developers), so we needed to bribe attendees (or wake them up) with Coffee and Donuts - The breakfast of champions.

Vox_Nov_9th 004

Given the early start we had a reasonable turnout for the webcast (must have been the promise of hot, fresh coffee, and Donuts)

Vox_Nov_9th 007

I'd be interested in your feedback on the Webcast, was this a good way to launch CE 6.0 R2? - did the webcast give you all the information you needed about the R2 launch?

- Mike