Dan Driscoll has posted an article on his blog that might be interesting for any of you that have recently started working on WSD (Web Services on Devices) [also known as Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS)] - WSD is one of the new features exposed in the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 release.

Dan's article describes a problem that applies to applications running on the desktop version of WSDAPI (i.e., under Windows Vista or Server 2008).  This does not apply to WSDAPI-based apps running under Windows CE.

The problem may arise in two scenarios:

  • You have a service object hosted by the WSDAPI device host.  A wire message triggers a call into this service method.  Shortly after your service method returns, your application crashes.
  • You have a client-side event sink and have subscribed to events from a service.  When an event arrives, WSDAPI enters your event sink method.  Shortly after your event sink method returns, your application crashes.
  • More information is available on Dan's blog.

    - Mike