Jens Kühner has just completed a book called "Expert .NET Micro Framework"


Here's the Book Description (from Jens blog).

Book Description:
The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is a small and efficient .NET runtime environment used to run managed code on embedded devices that are too small and resource constrained for Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework.

As a .NET programmer of desktop and smart device applications, I have been enthusiastic for some time about programming embedded microcontrollers with everyday development tools and programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Studio and C#. Since I first saw the .NET Micro Framework presented at Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC), I have been an active beta tester and a regular contributor to the technology’s forums.

My passion for this technology has motivated me to write this book for you, in which I provide all the resources you will need to program the .NET Micro Framework. I start by introducing you to the .NET Micro Framework and tools, presenting the available devices and touring the whole base class library. After that, I teach you how to use and write managed drivers to access the hardware components, how to use and provide web services on devices with the new Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS), and how to write applications with rich graphical user interfaces. We also explore the extensible emulator and emulator components. You’ll find many practical and reusable samples and tips throughout this book, so you’ll be able to create your own projects. Whether you are a .NET developer or a traditional embedded developer with a background in assembly language, C, or C++, I am confident that you will be impressed by the benefits that managed code and the .NET Micro Framework bring to embedded development. In this book, I provide you with a guide that enables you to get everything you possibly can from the .NET Micro Framework, so you can write powerful, effective, embedded applications of your own.

it looks like the book is available for pre-order on Amazon

- Mike