PIC-0081A couple of weeks ago a few people in the team had an international food tasting experience, starting with Spotted Dick and custard – This week we decided to step up a notch, trying “Baked Beans” from around the world, in this case three US bean varieties (two Van Camps, and one Bush’s), and Heinz Beans from the UK – we also had a truly international group of bean tasters on hand to provide feedback and vote appropriately.

Beans were as follows…

  1. Van Camps Pork and Beans (no visible pork – although there was a white(ish) blob of something in with the beans.
  2. Bush’s Original beans (has brown sugar)
  3. Van Camps Beanee Weenee (Beans and slices of Pork Sausage)
  4. Heinz Baked Beans (from the UK)

Out of the four bean types there was a tie between “Van Camps – Pork and Beans” and Heinz Beans. We needed to find an impartial judge to nudge the taste test one way or another… And the final winner was <drum_roll>Heinz Baked Beans</drum_roll> from the UK.

We now need to decide what the next taste off is going to be – suggestions?

- Mike