Saul HansellSaul Hansel, “Bits Editor” for the New York Times has just posted an article to the NY Yimes web site called Microsoft wants gadgets to run Windows

Here’s some quotes from the article which I think is based on the Microsoft keynote from Computex in Taiwan earlier this morning.

On Tuesday Microsoft introduced the latest version of its operating system for gadgets called Windows Embedded CE.

Microsoft says that there are already one billion devices made each year that are neither computers nor cellphones that have embedded processors. These include industrial robots, medical test equipment and digital signs, many of which already use versions of Windows CE. Now Microsoft is hoping to extend the operating system to the rapidly growing set of consumer gadgets including media players, navigation systems, digital picture frames and digital televisions.

The improvements to Windows Embedded announced Tuesday are meant to make it easier for device makers to design more attractive user interfaces. In particular, they allow designers to use existing Microsoft tools, such as its Expressions Web design software and Visual Studio programming environment, to make the menus, buttons and other features of a device.

That last paragraph sounds extremely interesting! - “improvements… meant to make it easier for device makers to design more attractive user interfaces”.

I will post more information about this later this morning (actually at 9:00am Redmonia time).

- Mike